Martin Digital began in 2004 as a humble and creative dream of mine (Garrett – owner and lead photographer), and now Martin Digital has grown bigger than I ever dreamed! We are based out of Central Ohio, and not scared to travel worldwide to shoot. We specialize in wedding, commercial, fashion and portrait photography.

Our Team


Owner and Lead Photographer. As a self taught photographer, he’s had a camera in his hand as long as he can remember. He’s passionate about showing others how he views the world, and a camera acts as the best vehicle for that. If you’ve met Garrett, you know he’s always on the move, but the one constant is the camera in his hand. His list doesn’t stop at just photography. He has a degree in design that helped polish the aesthetics throughout the brand and work he produces.


Lead videographer and editor. Video is a new beast we’ve added to the list of services, and Jacob is the only one brave enough to tame it! After visiting the studio by chance, he reached out and asked to be a part of the team. It wasn’t much long after that that we knew he was one of the family.

“I would have never thought 10 years ago Martin Digital would be what it is today, and we wouldn’t be here without you! Thank you for the opportunity to capture the stories of you life!”