TheĀ  Business

Martin Digital began in 2004 as a humble and creative dream of mine (Garrett – owner), and now Martin Digital has grown bigger than I could have ever dreamed. Based out of Central Ohio, and working with clients world wide, we specialize in design and commercial, editorial and portrait photography. Over the years I have blended my photographic and design skills to push Martin Digital into marketing and advertising for a wide variety of clients. I bring a pragmatic and creative problem solving process, to meet the design goals for my clients.


As a self taught photographer, I’ve had a camera in my hand as long as I can remember. I’m passionate about showing others how I view the world, and a camera acts as the best vehicle for that. If you’ve met me, you know I’m always on the move, moving at the speed of 2 pots of coffee – sometimes kid and dog in tote everywhere I go. As the years ticked by, I added more options to my creative output list. I completed a degree in design, pushing my creative outlet to maximum output. My love of art and design coupled with my love of data and computers, it wasn’t long before my skillset drifted into marketing and advertising. I gained a competitive edge being able to both create and deliver content, all from the passion of showing the world how I see. Now I help my clients show the world how they see things.