Jamie & Nick // Wedding

Let me introduce you to Jamie and Nick Nicastro. This Columbus couple kept everything downtown. Their day started at the Downtown Hilton, and to say the architecture there is amazing… is not even the tip of the iceberg. There are such wonderful lines and symmetry with wide open spaces and intimate little corners. Like so many couples these days, Jamie and Nick decided to do a first look on the bridge crossing High St. that connects the Convention Center to the Hilton. They even included their wedding party on their wonderful moment! By doing a first look prior to the ceremony, they opened up the opportunity to get their formal photos done before the ceremony. They tied the knot at St. Francis of Assisi with a short and sweet ceremony. It was a packed house, and was standing room only by the time all the guests arrived! Then heading back to finish the evening at the Hilton, with The Chuck Taylors. They danced, they laughed, they partied, and most importantly, they made memories that will last forever! Keep scrolling to enjoy their wedding trailer and all the photos…

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