LP-180R // Headshots Made Easy

First a shout out to the Licking County CVB, you guys rocked your headshots today! It was beautiful over at the Circle Mounds off of Rt.79.

Here we go again… I’m working these new flashes!! So I know that I said I was a manual flash snob… but it’s so quick and so simple to just slap these things into TTL and get them to preform. Today I spent more time scouting for the perfect back drop than I did fussing with my lights. Typically my setup is a White Lightning 3200, vagabonds, and my trusty dusty LP180 for a kick. All I needed for this was my LP-180R’s and a few stands! We shed about 30 pounds of gear.

My biggest gripe about shooting in TTL is the inconsistency that you can sometimes produce, as light can change in the blink of an eye; however, from the 3 that I took below – each about 15 to 20 minutes apart – everything seemed to come out nearly the same.

For my setup, I used a LumoPro C-Stand with a Wescott Orb Octobox on one LP-180R (set on Chanel A) in a butterfly setup with the reflector below (about waist level), and a LumoPro 10′ Collapsable stand with the other LP-180R (set on Chanel B) set behind the subject for a kick. The best part… HIGH SPEED SYNC!!!! I was able to control my background with my shutter speed and still keep a low aperture without a 10 stop ND! FANTASTIC!!!!!

Camera settings: 1/320th f2.5 100iso


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