LumoPro LP180R – The Mothership of Light Has Landed

So I have to start by saying that I had the pleasure of beta testing this flash earlier this year, well before all the bugs had been worked out… I’m attaching my trial run documents to this post so you can see – LP180R_Test

There are also some test images I shot with the LP180R in the pdf above

Now it must be known that I’m a manual off camera flash snob… never letting TTL be a part of my workflow in creating imagery.

So Midwest is my home away from home and the reason I’m camera poor – really it’s my fault but I like to deflect the blame so I can sleep at night… and upon being a regular there, I caught wind that the LP180R was about to drop so I begged and pleaded – down on my knees – to get my hands on one before wedding season ran dry, and I’m proud to say that I had to stop myself from buying 4 right out of the gate! These flashes are phenomenal

I had the pleasure of taking one of these puppies with me to Florida for a wedding. Being 1200 miles from home and having the wedding on Sunday, when I couldn’t remember how to set the flash to run in full manual mode (with me using the Odin to control the power of the LP), I wasn’t able to call anyone for help. So I sucked up my manual flash photo ego and slapped the LP into TTL – all while thinking in my head, this is going to be a shit show… letting the camera make decisions for me, psssh. Lone behold, I was pleasantly suprised that I could plop the flash down in the middle of the room and go to work… NO FUSS!! I could have probably handed my camera to a bridesmaid and taken a lunch break, and I would’ve been completely confident that she’d have taken amazing photos (well maybe… but it truly was that simple!)

I’ll keep posting more images as the come out of the camera as well as some lighting diagrams too!!

So I had the LP-180R set inside a Wescot Orb Collapsable soft box shooting TTL, top down on the bride and groom. Then I had a LP-180 set to manual shooting my kick light.

On this shot, I stuck my VAL (voice activated lightstand) in the tree with the LP-180R in TTL mode – again with the collapsable soft box – shooting top down through the tree branches. My other LP-180 was set in manual providing a kick light for the highlight on the shoulder and back of head.

Please forgive my rudimentary drawings… I’m clearly a photographer and not an illustrator! More coming soon, so check back!!! And in the mean time go buy 10 of these flashes!!!

Some other randoms shot with the LP-180R


ARMY_DownTheAisle GEI_COMPS_04042015-065

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